Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & FileNet Support Services


Need help with the administration, troubleshooting, and/or maintenance of your IBM ECM system? Look no further than ServRight. Our Total System Support (TSS) program offers a comprehensive range of ECM system support services to address every need and budget. Services include:

  • Proactive Support: Ensures all aspects of the production system are continually protected; includes system upgrades, backup and restore, performance and architecture analyses; more.
  • Mission Critical Support: Resolves issues that mandate rapid resolution; includes single-point-of-contact phone support, problem isolation, escalation services; more.
  • Remote System Administration: Our highly skilled, experienced, and certified Systems Administrators perform daily health checks, and manage capacity tracking and reporting, tuning, and routine ECM system administration so your IT staff can focus on more pressing needs.

TSS for Systems at End-of-Life/End-of-Support

Have an ECM system that has reached end-of life and/or end-of-support with its vendor but is still in meaningful production use? For nearly a decade, ServRight has leveraged the services above to help companies ensure maximum availability of these special systems.

Why Total System Support?

TSS is different from other support offerings because it was developed by a highly skilled and certified staff of professionals focused exclusively on working with IBM ECM systems. Furthermore, TSS leverages:

  • A system level approach to support that fixes issues faster and with less downtime than other approaches.
  • ServRight's unique "black box" diagnostic tool, which expedites issue resolution even faster by quickly isolating the root cause of issues in complex systems.
  • A dedicated support staff that customers have consistently rated exceptional - learn how we maintain extremely high levels of customer satisfaction!

Whether you need temporary or long term support, ServRight can help!